' The main goal is to explore the possibilities of motion capture. From simulating cartoon style animation, to developing new styles. The origins of motion capture will be explored, along with present applications of the technology. Finally, current techniques that can be applied to simulate a cartoon style of motion capture are investigated.' - Abstract

The Origins
A brief look at the origins of Motion Capture. Examining past masters such as Etienne-Jules Marey, and Max Fleischers rotoscoping techniques.

Rob Bredow Q & A
Rob Bredow is a senior CG supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks who recently completed work on The Polar Express. Within this section Rob answers my questions relating to the present difficulties and future possibilites of Motion Capture.

The Debates
An overview of the biggest debates surrounding the use of motion capture. Including how to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

A look at the motion capture pipeline. from intial visualisation through to the final product.

The Future
An examination of Kochanek-Bartels splines, and how they can be used to stylize motion capture. Giving animators the ability to apply some of the principles of traditional animaton to a MoCap segment.

A short summary of my findings during this Personal Research assignment.

Further Reading
References and links relating to this piece of personal research.
Origins Marey Muybridge Fleischer Rob Bredow Q & A Debate Siggraph Panel CG Animation Pipeline Future Squash and Stretch Splines Experiment Summary Further Reading

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