Automatic Motion Capture Blending with Registration Curves - Thesis

Abtract: This thesis investigates the application of registration curves to solve the issue of automatic motion capture blending. The results are compared and contrasted to linearly blending techniques to evalute their benefits. Current flaws are highlighted while future avenues for improvement are proposed.

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Flocking System - Techincal Report

Abtract: To implement a Flocking System based on Reynolds' original paper. A moving goal will be specified by the user, or can be interactively adjusted by the user. The flocking system should take into account the environment, and other factors such as predator-prey relationships.

A full C++ application was developed along with this technical report. For more information on the actual application please refer to current projects.

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Personal Research: Motion Capture - Past, Present and Future

Abstract: 'The main goal is to explore the possibilities of motion capture. From simulating cartoon style animation, to developing new styles. The origins of motion capture will be explored, along with present applications of the technology. Finally, current techniques that can be applied to simulate a cartoon style of motion capture are investigated.' [click here to view]


Within this essay, work undertaken by thePROMETHEUS project, a division of the BBC research and Development team, is discussed. How this technology has been applied to virtual environments for both sports coverage (in this case the Piero system) and virtual studios (the base work of the project) is compared and contrasted.


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